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Satoshi Nakamoto

Does Satoshi Nakamoto really translate to Central Intelligence (CIA)?


Satoshi Nakamoto and the CIA myth. For as long as it has been around (since January 3rd 2009) there have been various tales about who the creator was. Satoshi Nakamoto was a monkier or AKA for an unknown developer. Although people have communicated with him during the creation or the blockchain, none have officially met Satoshi.

Recently around the web you have probably heard numerous stories as to who Satoshi actually is or whether or not he was a single person, group of people, secret agency or cult. The most popular is the actual meaning behind the name. There have been whole reddit community’s, forums, groups etc all dedicated to cracking the code as to who the mysterious “Satoshi” actually was.

Satoshi Nakamoto


The cult mystery has even drove many so far down the rabbit hole, these have been those that have suffered cases of mistaken identity. The most famous being that of a man named Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. You can read a full write on on the story posted by the Guardian. But better believe that he made the most out of it, his terms presented to give a full interview were simple, “Free Lunch”. After the terms were met, the answer was simple. “I’m not involved with Bitcoin” said Dorian Nakamoto. Not everyone believes him though, and even more of a mystery… what did he actually order in this so called “Free Lunch”. The world may never know (although we would have suggested “In N Out“, as any good Californian would.

Influential Crypto Figures: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


Okay, so.. we may never really know who Satoshi is or where Bitcoin found its birth. But we do have some interesting head scratching myths, backed with a bit of fact. The most popular one that seems to be going around now a days is that the CIA invented Bitcoin and even left their stamp on it, for anyone clever enough to figure it out. The name Satoshi Nakamoto, when translated means Central Intelligence Agency. See the breakdown (provided by a clever reddit user) below

サトシ (“Satoshi” in Katakana) or 覚 (“Satoshi” in Kanji) Means “wisdom” or “sense” in Japanese. (source) ナカモト (“Nakamoto” in Katakana) or 中本 (“Nakamoto” in Kanji) is. From Japanese 中 (naka) meaning “middle” and 本 (moto) meaning “base, root, origin”.

Base=Agency Wisdom=Intelligence Middle=Central

The mystery remains

Although we may never know who Satoshi Truly is, speculation sure is fun, and having an urban legend behind such a global high powered project makes it even all the more interesting. We do know this, Bitcoin has brought a whole new light to the financial industry and really shifted power away from the hands of the billionaires into the common folk, and for that, Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever you are, we thank you.