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Hello and welcome to crypto delux, where we bring crypto education to our readers. We have a passion for crypto and believe that it will change the world. With that passion we start a couple projects that we see have a real life use case. Along with some projects we started crypto delux! Crypto Delux was our idea of bringing education and new crypto ideas/projects to the world through our website!

We highlight many different areas within the crypto space to bring you the information you didn’t know you needed . We like to highlight the best types of technology/Web3 projects new to the crypto space along with the fun side of crypto. From new blockchains and projects, to crypto betting , to GameFi , NFT’s and even some general information about crypto as well. We like to cover all corners of the crypto world to bring our readers everything and anything about crypto. 

Knowledge is power, the more we learn the better we’ll be able to achieve goals. We are still working on our goals and we are not that close yet but everyday we get smarter and work harder. We love to learn about everything and anything crypto related. That’s why  at Crypto Delux we try to bring a wide variety of topics for our readers. Follow along and come learn about this amazing new world of cryptocurrency.