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StarHeroes is a Blockchain-Based Web3 Game and Is Apart of a Massive Collaboration With Microsoft

In what numerous would agree is a groundbreaking achievement, StarHeroes recently got a Microsoft grant. As a result, the blockchain-based game now has access to Azure PlayFab, joining the legendary collection of video games such as Forza Horizon, Sea of Burglars, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege.

This grant is likewise a sign of the change in the mindset of significant business as an increasing variety of institutional organizations, companies, and large-scale organizations have actually constantly expressed a fundamental interest in including blockchain innovation into their daily regimens, services, products, and features. This is likewise the extremely first time that a Web3 game has been provided such a grant by a major corporation like Microsoft.

What sets StarHeroes apart?

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StarHeroes is a third-person space shooter that includes vibrant space battles in a relatively large world open to players for expedition and fight in two various multiplayer modes: ranking and experience. The production likewise represents the Web3-based Play And Earn design, i.e. the one that enables players to make genuine money in return for playing the game. It is simply because everyone can try their hand at this game without needing to invest any cash in it and, believe it or not, earn real cash just for dipping into no cost to the players.

While it holds true that a great deal of components of this production can be found in the form of virtual, special tokens, this is not to say that there aren’t any Complimentary To Play alternatives either. Once again, StarHeroes is a game meant for everyone and as a result, both blockchain gamers along with standard gamers have the chance to complete in the same video game, with the focus being on skills, determination, method and gamers’ cooperation.

In regards to real gameplay, StarHeroes concentrates on player competition and engagement, and both offending and protective systems are available to develop the most competitive group (fleet). In this way, the video game uses a competitive and dynamic PvP scene, which is among the most popular sort of gameplay that can be found today throughout various video gaming genres.

A historic partnership

The developers recently went over the abovementioned considerable accomplishment, particularly StarHeroes receiving a grant from a tech leviathan, Microsoft. This grant allows them to work with respectable studios like Ubisoft and Microsoft Studios. All this opens doors to excellent success as it creates lots of incredible opportunities for development– both for StarHeroes and its developers. Ubisoft in particular is understood for making popular titles like ‘Prince of Persia’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games, just to name a few.

Obviously, while some gamers may remain doubtful of the Play And Earn and NFT-verse game concepts, StarHeroes however shows a great deal of guarantee in lots of ways. Naturally, big-time business should think this too, given that Microsoft has actually acknowledged the video game and its potential. Possibly more significantly, though, the partnership with Microsoft will unlock for blockchain video gaming in general, with the goal being that various other titles would get a comparable opportunity to work with major companies in the future.

What kind of potential does StarHeroes have for the future?


The game has actually remained in development for more than two years, and now StarHeroes is finally acquiring some substantial traction and is rapidly making all the headings in both crypto along with standard media. As such, the development group includes different former CD Projekt Red staff members who worked on video games like ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ and ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, so there is every opportunity that the two years invested developing StarHeroes were well spent.

Typically speaking, StarHeroes founders also see massive capacity in blockchain-based eSports video games. Even if these are not yet mainstream, StarHeroes could be an excellent start for blockchain games in regards to being able to bring in the attention of traditional gamers. With that in mind, StarHeroes gameplay has been customized to the company of eSports competitions, which is also the instructions the designers plan to take given the sheer appeal and success of the eSports industry consisting of video games like ‘League of Legends’, ‘Starcraft’ and ‘DOTA 2’.

In other words, StarHeroes has the possible to not just succeed in its own right, however also to lead the charge for other blockchain-based video games too.

About StarHeroes

StarHeroes is a blockchain-based 3rd person area shooter powered by collectible NFTs that includes vibrant space fights together with a huge world open up to exploration and fight via two different multiplayer modes, specifically adventure and ranking. Players can build their fleets and explore the cosmos while participating in epic space fights.

The Polish production likewise exhibits the Web3-based Play And Earn model, which makes it possible for players to make real money in exchange for playing the game. Once again, the value of the collaboration with Microsoft can not be downplayed, as this is an industry initially and it truly exhibits the capacity that StarHeroes has.