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Why ‘Mint It’ Will Change the NFT Space, and Bring New Users to Kadena!

Mint It is a minting and marketplace website built on the Kadena blockchain. Mint It is a product of Docushield, a screuirty app to keep imporqant documents safe on the blockchain. So as serecuity being their main project, it’s safe to say they website will be as safe as can be! The idea behind Mint It is to have a ptanform where artist/projects can use the website to launch their projects with no middle man! To make it even easier, they made a NFT genertor to help make all ther NFT and the metadata along with the NFTs. Making it simple for people with a noncoding background to join the fun world of NFTs!

Kadena , Docushield and Pact


Kadena is a multi-layered Smart Contract Proof of Work Hybrid protocol and has it’s own coding laugne called Pact. Kadena was founded by the same people who made the first blockchain for JP Morgan. Kadena uses its multi-layer blockchain to spread out the stress thats put on one blockchain. So imagine instead of waiting for a ETH trasnaction to go through do to high traffic on the blockchain. Kadena uses its 20 chains to help the other chains and make it as fast and as safe as possible. Being proof of work does add alot of scerituy to their network and makes it reaiable.

Being proof of work makes most people concern due to the ertictic crisis going on around the world. But Kadena is a hybrid blockchain, which means it takes very very little ectitry to mine one block! Mining does take up 70% of the Kadena tokenmoics but their mining contract is set to relase all the tokens over a 120 year span. So they vaule their proof of work and the secuirty behind it. With all this secuirty and reaibity, Kadena was made with the idea of being used by indrusties. Kadena has a NFT standard called Maramalde, this standard had many functions to help the mass secure thier assets.

Kadena Mint it
Pact vs Solidity


Pact is the smart contract laugae used and is native to Kadena, for now. Pact was made with the idea of having a human readable coding lauage. This makes it easy for a person with a noncoding to read and understand what is happeing in the contract. This is great in many ways, think of new new devlpoers trying to understand this new coding lauagne. Making the code easy to read will onborad many devlpoers from other blaockchains. Along with onborading brand new devlpoers with this easy to read code!


Docushield is building an app to upload all of life’s most imporant documeants on the block chain with layers of encryption and an NFT key all to keep your documeants safe! They had an IDO earlier this year in June ran by a launch pad on Kadena called KD Launch. Soon after that the team was locked in and were doing with what they have. The team has been working on creating their own private ipfs network along with undersatnd the new blockchain. They had up to 200 people connceted and running a node in their test phase! After 2 month of building they introduced Mint It! They seen a need for a minting website in Kadena , so they made it! Their goal with Mint It was to make an easy to use minting website with no coding needed!

Mint It

Mint it
Mint it logo

Mint It is the first no code needed minting website and marketplace on Kadena. Although it seems like there is not much hapening in Kadena from the outside but the Kadena ecosystem is booming! With new NFT projects popping up everyday, there was defnity a gap to fill to help Kadena grow. With that Mint It was born at the perfect time and has been building up a wait list since they came out! With all this attention and easy to use minting site, along with a marketplace, Mint It might be the OpenSea of Kadena! Along with the maramlade standard, Mint It could be a real player in the NFT space.

Alpha Creator Pass

As great as Mint It sounds, nothing is free. They will have their access pass , this will be to mint NFTs on their website and its called the Alpha Creator Pass. This pass is the users only way to launch a NFTs on the Mint It website along with following the mamralade standard set by Kadena. To make it easy for user, Mint It built an NFT Genertoar to make it easy to put a collection together. The generator also puts out the metadata along with each NFT. This makes it super easy for user to mint NFTS.

Being able to launch an NFT collection should be enough to sell out their 1000 supply but there are more benfits. The ACP will not be useful just for artist and projects. Holding an ACP has benefits for the aveage crytpo user. Just like OpenSea, Mint It will chrage 2.5% service fee on its website. As a holder, the user will get a smaller perecentage fee when using the website! This benefit is only for their first Creator Pass they relaese. The fee discount is a whole deal bc everyone knows that every cent counts! The team also plans to run giveaways, airdrops and many other things to show their appreatce to the Alpha holders. The Alpha Creator Pass is currently minting live here !