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Kadena Is Bringing Blockchain to the Mainstream With 4 Reason That Makes Kadena Incomparable

Kadena Eco

Early this year, Kadena launched Kadena Eco, an effort created to supercharge blockchain’s biggest thinkers, top-tier tech talent, and unequaled strategic capital to sustain the hypergrowth of Kadena’s ecosystem with the technological and tactical aid they require. “Simplifying crypto is what we are targeting at Kadena, and Kadena Eco will help us recognize this essential objective,” stated Popejoy, who signed up with Okcoin on Twitter Spaces recently to commemorate the listing of Kadena’s native coin, KDA.

” Kadena Eco will be core to the Kadena community,” said Popejoy. “Its main function will be to assign funds to builders from DeFi to NFTs to video gaming and beyond. Some jobs Kadena Eco has currently funded include Marmalade, which can guarantee the individuality of NFTs by enabling designers and users to store more information on the chain than Ethereum, which requires developers to keep information off chain.”


Kadena has actually created a native clever contract programs language more instinctive and more effective than Ethereum’s Strength. “While producing our smart contract language, Pact, we studied not only Strength and the Ethereum Virtual Maker, but also Bitcoin’s script,” noted Popejoy. “Something that Bitcoin script grabbed and didn’t quite attain is a language that is as powerful but is basically safe and protects you, as a dapp designer, from bugs that truly should never ever be allowed the first place. While Satoshi failed, our company believe we have achieved that goal.”

On, developers can explore historical crypto hacks and see how, if the dapp had been coded in Pact, the bug would not have actually been possible to even compose into code. “Pact is essentially safe and safeguards you as a dapp developer from specific bugs found in other blockchains,” stated Stuart.

Kadena Is A Layer 1 With The Power Of Layer 2

Throughout the Twitter Spaces, Popejoy noted how Layer 2 technologies present intricacy. “Lightning Network on Bitcoin is a fine example of a few of the intricacy that results when you start putting another system on top of a Layer 1 blockchain; it just alters the trust model and the danger model,” he said. “… One of the important things we’re shooting for is to make Kadena’s Layer 1 as usable as possible for the average dapp designer and crypto user. One essential method to assist users is to ensure low charges.”

Layer 2 options do not guarantee low fees. “Stacks does not help you with Bitcoin costs,” said Popejoy. “There’s no solution to high Ethereum costs currently. Our system has low charges, because it’s scalable. Gas can return to its real function in a system like Ethereum, which is to make people play fairly with each other in regards to just how much they use the resources of the system, and not to enrich miners or validators at the users cost.”

Proof Of Work Is Scalable, Proof of Stake is not

Popejoy told the Okcoin team that there is a major misunderstanding in the blockchain market. Numerous believe Proof of Stake is scalable while Proof of Work is not. Proof of Work’s performance can be distributed over many chains without sacrificing security. Proof of Stake, on the other hand, constantly requires a validator set which, if split up between numerous chains, loses security.

Every Proof of Stake system that is attempting to scale has some hard limit they’re going to hit ultimately. When you take Kadena’s style approach to disperse over many chains, Proof of Work shows more scalable than Proof of Stake. The fact is, Proof Of Work-based Layer 1 innovation can handle industrial use cases along the lines of clearing the whole United States stock market on Kadena. “We might do it today,” stated Stuart. “That’s the scale we’re speaking about.”