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Kadena’s Amazing Ecosystem Current and Future Update!

Kadena is a Proof of Work blockchain network developed by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, who previously worked at J.P. Morgan as leads of the firm’s Blockchain Center for Excellence.

The network declares that it can offer a high level of security to the Bitcoin network, and Kadena was one of our best-performing cryptos of 2021, having raked in gains of over 7,900% for the year.

Kadena has actually become an appealing chain, especially for business seeking to take advantage of the high deal throughput of the network. So, what successes has Kadena tape-recorded in recent times?

Current Advancements

kadena kaddex
Kaddex, DEX on Kadena

On May 17th, Kadena revealed the launch of KDSwap, a decentralized exchange for the environment. Considering that opening, KDSwap uses a range of Kadena ecosystem tokens, including $KDS, $KDL, and $BUZZ.

Kadena has actually assured to introduce other tokens in time, but even so, KDSwap had a less than ideal start, with users grumbling about numerous bugs in the protocol, which the Kadena team has promised to repair in future updates.

The upcoming KDSwap update will consist of brand-new functions such as multi-asset staking, and will likewise incorporate extra trading sets. The upgrade is expected to release within the next few weeks.

Earlier this year, Kadena revealed the launch of a $100 million grant fund as part of its ‘Kadena Eco’ effort. The goal of the project is to provide project designers with a complete suite which would enable them to release services on top of the Kadena chain.

Through the program, Kadena wants to support contractors to pioneer new projects that change the world.

Future Events

Since the launch of the Kadena DEX, the project’s developers have actually focused their attention on creating a mobile application to improve the DEX experience.

Kadena has actually announced that @XWalletOfficial will introduce a smart device app in June which will allow users to sign deals on their mobile phones.

The next major development in the Kadena roadmap has the potential to be pivotal for the future of the project: in 2022, Kadena wants to introduce a native NFT standard called ‘Marmalade’.

Accepting interoperability, Kadena has actually also detailed strategies to release a testnet that would bridge Kadena and the Ethereum Virtual Maker (EVM), as well as Kadena with Cosmos.