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Docushield! The Safest and Most Secure Method for Uploading All Your Important Documents on the Blockchain

What is Docushield? They are early adopters of blockchain and web3, lovers of decentralized information and currencies, however at the same time maxis on company principles and transparency. They’re here to build the future of security with certainty and protectors of the constitutions right to privacy.

The goal is to engage with and present our worldwide mainstream audience to the true powers of blockchain innovation by using a product that uses ease of usability with a requirement for daily energy. Our “no charge to low cost” pay as you go business design will not be reliant on user memberships for access to services, but one time transactional use costs. The Docushield app is developed as a mobile very first, web accessible crypto wallet built on the Kadena blockchain.

However, users don’t need to understand what a crypto wallet is, what Kadena and even a blockchain is. (although we will have a major concentrate on education through our ongoing marketing initiatives to existing users). All they require to understand is that they are here for one factor: to keep their most important and delicate details, personal and safe under any and all situations; that the documents and information will never be lost or removed, but find a long-term house- permanently secured on the blockchain.

Docushield App
Docushield App

Adoption of the option will visit initiating mass marketing projects and concentrate on their growing need for file privacy, security and availability in a world loaded with mediocre services with unparalleled technology with little to no concern for their individual privacy.

Their very first marketing efforts will focus on daily personal use and small company options.

In the long term they have their eyes set on providing an enterprise package or customized build for larger institutions with information compliance basic requirements or technical combination with preexisting networks.

Kadena, Kuro, PACT. However why?

Docushield is committed to attaining the requirement of excellence and have set internally for themselves. No incorrect guarantees, no gimmicks. Their group has all been around enough time to understand that the only method to prosper in company is by doing good company.

The only recognizable option that could help them deliver this promise of security, scalability, personal privacy and budget-friendly– easy to use ease of access is discovered on the Kadena Chainweb. Their whitepaper describes things with a technical knowledge that most might not even attempt to duplicate, so it’s finest to read it directly from the source if your interest has been peaked.

To sum up, their chainweb protocol is a public evidence of work procedure that expands on the initial Bitcoin design by verifying deals from previous blocks not only on it’s own chain, but likewise 2 existing peer chains, braided together in an ever growing chain recommendation structure called fixed chart theory that provides transactional certainty without having to interact with each and every single peer. Attaining over 480k transactions per second. Kadena also provides extensive information storage abilities by use of sharding, which breaks data down into small workable pieces kept throughout chains in different locations enabling expandability unequaled by any other blockchain.

Kuro is a layer 2 personal chain service that we will make use of to make sure that no outsider can get to our transaction ledger or wise agreement information to attempt and exploit any possible vulnerabilities. Smart contract token (NFT) minting and internal network deals will occur on Kuro. The Kuro personal chain likewise permits us to avoid any possible chain blockage in the future, which is not a pertinent concern at the moment but might be possible once at the point of international adoption.

PACT is the programming language that is the foundation of all Kadena and Kuro agreements that provides built in security procedures such as “formal verification” of user code, mistake messages, contract upgradability, multi-signature, and support for outdoors chain and data source interoperability. Not to mention the built in ability to update agreements after they have introduced to repair any possible threats that may have not even existed when it was first written.

Data upload + Gain access to Token/NFT Mint Workflow for Douushield
Data upload + Gain access to Token/NFT Mint Workflow

Docushield is Security with certainty.

They have actually designed our security network structure to be impenetrable and allow total privacy by executing military grade– multi layered encryption and unique user recognition and confirmation techniques not discovered on any other application or chain. They integrate the power and security of personal servers, private chains, encrypted nodes and APIs, fragmented data, protected transfer layers, and one of a kind single user token access (whew! almost lost my breath reading that out loud).

Docushield will keep your data more protected than anybody, without compromising deal and data retrieval speed. All hosted on decentralized information storage services, there actually is no stone left unturned.