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Bitcoin Doesn’t Really Need Kanye West (Ye) , But Here is Why He Would Benefit From Bitcoin

One of the world’s most popular celebrities and cultural impacts, Ye-formerly Kanye West – just recently publicly revealed assistance for bitcoin. Ye used a custom-knitted hat embroidered with the anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s name on it days after JPMorgan Chase & Co. canceled the music icon’s account.

Numerous in the Bitcoin community point to his financial cancellation as to why bitcoin matters. While Ye’s remarks have been interpreted as anti-semetic and numerous were offended, they were not illegal– so it could be argued that it is unfair to unbank him. However, as JPMorgan is an industrial business, not a government entity, it is within their rights to not serve the artist. Thus, numerous cryptocurrency lovers think that Ye might see the worth of the decentralized monetary system bitcoin offers.

Ye has a rocky history with cryptocurrency, as one of the first altcoins, Coinye West, was called after the controversial artist. Ye, then called Kanye West, promptly sued and closed down the project. Ye also spoke up versus NFTs during the peak of their buzz in 2021. That said, while Ye has critiqued other cryptocurrency tasks, he’s been reasonably helpful of bitcoin in the past.

So, could Ye’s financial cancellation be what pushes him to dive completely into bitcoin? And, possibly more remarkably, is Ye’s presence positive or negative for the digital currency?

Why Ye [Kanye West] Benefits Bitcoin

Lots of Bitcoiners are excited with the prospect of Ye showing support for bitcoin.

Ye is one of the most substantial cultural figures of the 21st century, with figures like Elon Musk, Virgil Abloh and Possibility the Rapper all mentioning the Chicago native as a motivation. His music gathers 10s of millions of plays every month, and his brand Yeezy is thought about to be one of the world’s foremost streetwear brand names. In fact, in under a years Ye went from a reasonably unidentified name in the world of style to comprising 10% of Adidas’ overall profits. Thus, many bitcoin fans hope that Ye could bring a lot of attention, and possible brand-new users, to bitcoin.

Furthermore, the questionable business person probably has an ideological factor to support a bitcoin-based system. Numerous bitcoiners, who frequently skew libertarian, would point to JPMorgan ending their relationship with the artist as a perfect description for why the cryptocurrency matters.

Roger Ver, understood online as “Bitcoin Jesus,” argues that one of the primary reasons cryptocurrency matters is it banks the world’s misanthropes. For individuals in countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia—- enemies of the United States, ergo opponents of the world’s reserve currency—- bitcoin exists to bypass the financial sanctions troubled them. Numerous hypothesize Russian oligarchs utilized bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means to preserve their wealth during the duration following Russian sanctions.

Why Ye [Kanye West] Is Bad For Bitcoin

Ye (Kanye West)
Ye (Kanye West)

Ye’s profession has been mired in controversy, from his 2007 declaration that, “George Bush does not care about black individuals,” to disrupting Taylor Swift during her VMA award. In spite of this debate, he’s constantly been able to return more powerful, becoming one of the greatest selling artists of perpetuity and prepared a multi-billion dollar streetwear brand name into existence. However, as Travis Andrews composes for the Washington Post, it seems as though this time he might have pressed it too far.

Ye, who himself confessed that his remarks were purposefully provocative, recently lost multiple financially rewarding collaborations with Balenciaga, Style, and Adidas. Keepers of culture, like Anna Wintour’s Style Magazine, have completely cut ties with the musician. Other media companies have followed suit, stating that they will stop platforming Ye’s questionable thoughts. Additionally, Undertaking CEO Ari Emmanuel wrote a piece in the Financial Times urging services, including music streaming platforms, to avoid partnering with the designer. This is all to say: Ye’s brand is significantly damaged– and it arguably isn’t good for his track record to be intertwined with bitcoin’s.

Moreover, many believe that Ye does not have a serious passion for the digital currency. Mahbod Moghadam, creator of and a bitcoin whale, who is himself Jewish, told Bitcoin Publication that Ye’s existence would benefit bitcoin, but doubted that the rap artist actually believed in the digital currency, saying “he appears not to know/care about bitcoin which is frustrating.”

Ye confessed to not comprehending bitcoin, and while he might have a casual interest in the idea of bitcoin as innovative, it does not appear that he wishes to devote major capital or time to the cause.

How Will Ye Impact Bitcoin?

It is tough to determine what Ye’s effect will be on bitcoin-or if he’ll even discuss it again.

Ye deals with a number of personal and expert issues at the moment, and is not likely to take on any new causes. While he needs to use bitcoin to move his money out of JPMorgan-bitcoin routinely moves numerous countless dollars for a portion of the expense of conventional payment approaches-he probably won’t. Ye admits to not knowing that much about bitcoin, despite learning about cryptocurrencies for close to a decade.

The social power of Ye supporting bitcoin may also mean really bit. As many brand names– both in media and service– are distancing themselves from the previous billionaire, it can be assumed that his public perception is at an all-time low. That said, Ye still has millions of fans who easily take notice of whatever the artist says, and perhaps that could equate positively for the cryptocurrency.