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5 Of The Best Bitcoin’s Real-World Use Cases

Believe it or not, bitcoin is money.

This may be a hard sell to many of us in the Western world, specifically here in the United States. I get it; the dollar is the reserve currency of the world. Yes, there is inflation, but it’s not that bad, regardless of today’s inflation being the highest it’s remained in more than 40 years.

I do not understand about you, however the ever-decreasing worth of my dollars is one of the factors I found out about bitcoin in the first place. Whoever stated we needed to have inflation? John Maynard Keynes did, by the way, and it’s the economic theory taught in schools throughout the country.

My point is it can be hard for Western civilization to comprehend why bitcoin is very important. Numerous are blinded by the “strength” of the dollar and are not able to appreciate bitcoin’s energy.

To jog your memory, let’s go through five examples of what bitcoin can do that the dollar, other fiat currencies and gold can not.

Bitcoin Offers Neutral, Censorship-Resistant Cash

The style of censorship has actually been in the spotlight over the last years, and specifically appropriate in the last handful of years.

Twitter deplatformed a sitting president of the United States.

COVID-19 origination theories-as soon as deemed heresy-are now mostly accepted as valid. Believing in this theory earlier led to the deplatforming of many popular people, including legitimate, reputable physicians.

And this is simply what’s happening on social media. What happens when your cash is censored?

Look no further than the Canadian trucker protest that occurred in early 2022. The Canadian government looked for to require vaccination of every trucker that entered its nation. At the sight of this apparent invasion of human rights, the truckers decided to protest the mandate by basically closing the capital city of Ottawa by blockading the streets.

Something resulted in another, and prior to you understood it, the Canadian banking system began to “switch off” the cash of everyone associated with these protests. That’s right. Whether you were a trucker yourself, donated some cash to the efforts or passed out food, you were on the hit list and you had your cash switched off. Frozen. It was there, however you couldn’t do anything with it.

Today, it’s a trucker protest. What if it’s a ladies’s rights demonstration next? A protest against abuses by a country you’re allied with? Who chooses?

Bitcoin sure as heck doesn’t. Bitcoin does not care about the color of your skin, your political affiliation, the nation you remain in, what videos you see on YouTube, etc. If you play by the exact same guidelines that everybody else plays by, you can use bitcoin.

This is one reason why countless individuals contributed bitcoin to the Canadian truckers’ cause. It was money that no one, not even the federal government or banking system, could stop. More than 21 bitcoin was raised in the effort by 5,000 donors, at the time totaling almost $1 million in assistance.

Bitcoin is censorship-resistant money.

You Can Take Your Bitcoin Anyplace Without Anybody Else Understanding

Jurisdictional arbitrage will become more widespread with political celebrations leaning further to the extremes here in the United States, along with throughout the world. You see polarization, capital controls and capital flight happening every day:

  • Pro-choice and pro-life states
  • States with legalized marijuana and/or other drug use
  • Nations with reasonable energy policies (e.g., not Germany).
  • Countries that are prone to sanctions, such as Iran and Russia.

As a person, often you must act fast or risk being too late to leave, however how do you move a whole household of trinkets and things with you as you leave? How do you cross borders with heaps of cash falling out of your pocket or gold ingots weighing you down?

The answer is easy: you do not. All the best getting anything of value throughout borders without it being taken. But you can move your bitcoin and if you do it correctly, you can move it without any one else knowing and without any proof.

All you need to do is maintain 12 (or sometimes 24) words. These words can represent your entire income and are referred to as a seed expression. By having these words, you can bring your wealth anywhere in the world.


That’s what Laleh Farzan did. After receiving threats from the Taliban in 2016, she left to Germany. Most of the time, when you flee a hostile location such as Afghanistan amidst chaos, you’re bound to run into thieves and/or unrelenting federal governments. The emigrants generally entrust nearly zero ownerships.

But for Laleh, she had the ability to save her wealth via her seed expression. It was included on a tiny paper which burglars and others ignored. Once she showed up in Germany, she had the ability to sell a portion of her bitcoin for fiat to spend for daily expenditures.

Bitcoin Mining And The Energy Grid Are Match Made in Heaven.

Bitcoin mining needs a great deal of energy. Talking heads on the news have parroted this line plenty of times. It’s expected to take in all the world’s energy by 2020 (how ‘d that exercise?).

One may argue, the more energy bitcoin takes in, the better.

Hear me out.

Bitcoin miners serve as an energy consumer of first and last resort. Basically, they will constantly purchase (use) energy if it’s readily available to them. What most do not learn about our contemporary energy grids is that this kind of dependability and consistency is incredibly helpful. Instead of needing to plan for energy need peaks and troughs, energy manufacturers can simply offer energy without worrying that nobody will use it.

Long story brief: Bitcoin miners support entire energy grids. If you ‘d like a much deeper dive, read more here.

Not only do miners support grids, however bitcoin mining encourages using the most efficient energy sources readily available. As a miner, your profit and loss statement is really easy to understand: your revenue is the bitcoin you mine, your expenditures (for the most part) are the energy required to mine it.

As a company owner, you preferably want to increase income and reduction expenditures to beef profits. Besides mining more bitcoin, what’s the simplest method to increase earnings? Lower your expenses, aka your expense of energy. What’s the cheapest energy readily available to us? Energy that comes naturally: solar, wind, hydro, etc.

Bitcoin is introducing brand-new developments and innovation in green energy, and much more importantly, squandered energy.

Bitcoin miners attempt, as best as they can, to mine with energy that would otherwise be lost. It’s a win-win for both parties. The miner gets low-cost energy and the energy producer offers energy that otherwise would have not produced any earnings. A terrific example of this is flared gas mining. When I first saw a video of miners using flared gas, I knew it was a game changer. It makes good sense for each single producer in the world to plug in a bitcoin miner to earn more profits and reduce emissions. It’s a no-brainer.

Did you know that an estimated 60% of energy produced is lost before reaching the consumer? Bitcoin miners will gladly purchase the otherwise squandered energy from manufacturers, thus permitting the producers to make more earnings as well as supply reliable expectations for supply and demand.

It’s just a matter of time before miners fully integrate themselves with energy markets.

Bitcoin Is Open 24/7.

Ever needed banking services after 5:00 p.m. or on a weekend? Pretty bothersome, ideal? In a world of globally linked markets and on-demand everything else, why have not our financial services been held to the same availability standards?


Bitcoin has an up-time of 99.99%. Spanning more than 12 years, the Bitcoin network has actually only experienced a cumulative 14 hours of downtime.

I can be anywhere in the world at any time of the day and interact with the Bitcoin network as long as I have internet connection. If internet connection is a concern, some geniuses much smarter than me are working on ways to represent it.

24/7, 365. No vacation closures. No breaker throughout unstable times. Tick tock, next block.

Micropayments And The Ease Of Web Commerce.

Commerce happens on the internet instead of meat area increasingly more as the years go by.

I’m not going to focus on commerce that needs a product to be physically shipped to your home in this post, but what I wish to speak about rather are products and content that you take in directly on your computer.

Why do I need to disclose my charge card info and address to the Wall Street Journal if I wish to read an article? Why do I need to do the very same with Spotify to listen to a podcast?

Bitcoin, and its scaling layers, such as the Lightning Network, are going to disrupt e-commerce with internet-native micropayments.

There is a growing pattern in the space referred to as value-for-value. Let’s look at Fountain as an example. Water fountain is a podcast app that is developed directly above Bitcoin’s base layer on the Lightning Network. While utilizing Fountain, podcast listeners can load up a Lightning wallet and stream tiny portions of a bitcoin– known as satoshis, or sats– straight to the content developer. These streams might be as small as five sats per minute, which today has a worth of $0.0011.

Material developers can now rely solely on their audience to fund their endeavor if they prefer. Many podcasters appreciate this concept to align their own incentives with their listeners: absolutely no item shilling, absolutely no incorrect marketing, etc. This also allows for a more appealing experience between the two celebrations.

Another fantastic usage case for bitcoin in internet commerce is those bothersome paywalls. Let’s use the Wall Street Journal again as an example. I seldom ever check out the Wall Street Journal, but let’s state one post catches my eye that I desperately want to read. Then I experience a paywall. 99 out of 100 times, I’m going to leave the window and forget about the short article.

The odds of me getting my wallet, typing in my charge card information, all my other individual info and most likely needing to register for a monthly subscription are next to absolutely no.

With the Lightning Network, the Wall Street Journal might put up a paywall using BTCPay Server. In this instance, I can whip out my Lightning wallet, scan the QR code, pay the invoice and start reading the post. The entire process might take less than 30 seconds without the publication having any idea who I am or where I live. This opportunity of billing might expand the Wall Street Journal’s reach substantially, keep the one-time readings affordable and respect their viewers’ personal privacy.

Although these kinds of transactions aren’t nearly as world-changing as some of the other points mentioned above, it’s another arrow in Bitcoin’s quiver. Another real-world use case that bitcoin does worlds much better than our present system.


No, bitcoin isn’t dead. This isn’t the first bearish market and it definitely won’t be the last.

Too many are focused on bitcoin’s fiat rate. What most do not understand is that bitcoin continues to work just as advertised. It’s reputable, available to all and there are no rulers-just guidelines.

Bitcoin is objectively much better money. I look forward to everyone else concerning this awareness.